Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another drawing assignment

Have you ever really studied a pine cone? We had to for our latest art class assignment. It seems that every pine cone in the realm of nature grows in a spiral shape. It can even be mathematically plotted, using the Fibonacci sequence. I'm not big on math, but I love the fact that something as random looking as a pine cone is that carefully created. And anyone who draws a pine cone has to know that, or they will draw the spines sticking out at all the wrong angles and it won't look at all like a pine cone!
More evidence of our amazing Creator!

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  1. Hi Kate! Thanks for commenting on my blog. That's how I found yours! I was so happy to see that your comment about being passionate about your relationship with God!

    I love what you wrote here about the pine cone. I, too, am fascinated by the details and amazing design in creation. Absolute evidence of our Creator at work.

    Thank you for sharing!


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