Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Over the week-end, I was blessed by being able to attend a retreat at a lovely facility on Lake Michigan. Above is a picture I took last year when I was there in January. This year it looked more like the arctic outside -- not nearly as beautiful.

But what was beautiful was the actual retreat. The topic was "Open your eyes -- burning bushes are everywhere." We spent the week-end with Moses and his experience of discovering God in the unlikely barren desert. We tried to keep our eyes open all week-end to look for God in the ordinary moments of our lives. It was great to be able to journey with some wonderful women as we encouraged each other in this endeavor. Our retreat leader, Pat, had attended an "icon writing" retreat last year, and had created an icon of Moses and his experience with the burning bush. I took a picture of it, and added some adjustments, the the picture (which is supposed to appear below!) is somewhere on this blog -- I hope! (Maybe someday I'll learn how to format these postings!) But I can experience God right now even with the pictures in the wrong order!
Hope you have a day of wonderful unexpected blessings!

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  1. Kate....I am loving your blog!!!...what a blessing!...and those hand cut 89 candles!!...what an inspiring friend!!


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