Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation Fun

I just returned a few days ago from visiting my "twin" cousin in West Virginia.  We call each other twins because we always wished we were sisters instead of cousins.  She and her husband (and son and cats) were gracious hosts!

While there, we went zip-lining,
Walked the catwalk under the longest single-span suspension bridge in the Western hemisphere,

Did art work at the lovely little cottage on their property,

 and had an amazing time!  It's good to be home, but I miss my twin cousin and family!


  1. Lovely pictures! It's so heart warming to see them. I miss you, too.
    Now I'm dreaming about our next big adventure: "Twin Cousins and the Train to Somewhere"

  2. What a beautiful time! So pretty and love your little painting.


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