Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

First of all, I have been absent from "Blogland" for several weeks, mostly because life got really busy and because I was trying to evaluate whether blogging is still a good use of my time and energy.  I really considered calling it quits, but when I logged back on and started reading blog posts from my contacts, it made me want to keep it up.  It is a good creative discipline and a creative connection as well.

This tree represents my current word for 2013:  Breathe.  I say current because I usually fall off the word bandwagon after the first six weeks, and then when I revisit it in December I wonder what in the world I was thinking by choosing the particular word that I did.  But today I know that taking time to breathe (physically, spiritually and emotionally) is important for me. 

I always forget to breathe during Christmas.  There are so many things to do, to think about and to accomplish that I find myself running out of the essential resources necessary to keep going.

It was, however, a wonderful Christmas season filled with music, family, worship and fun.  Here's one version of our family Christmas photo:  Each of us chose a pose that represented what had transpired for us over the past year. 

Another time-consuming but very rewarding project I did during December is pictured below.  It was a commission for a friend's daughter with her confirmation verse.  I realize it's not the best picture, and they were going to matte it in purple,which will look much better.  But I loved the way it came together AND in time for Christmas (just barely).
That's a bit of a catch up for now.  Happy New Year to all my friends in "Blogland"!


  1. Wow! You should post this on the journal workshop blog! Or EDM! Awesome - and one of my favorite verses!! And I love your word for the year. I'm going to have to put this in my journal cuz it's a really important word to remember. thanks Kate!

  2. I think you picked a GREAT word for the year. I'll bet you manage to do it without even thinking about it! (Love you!)


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