Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day (late . . . again!)

Our calligraphy study group did a Valentine exchange last week-end, but because life sometimes goes speeding by too fast to notice, it has taken me a week to photograph some of the Valentines and blog about them.  One of the great things about having a group like this is that we get to share ideas and learn from each other.  The Valentines were all wonderful, as you can see.

Kathy made a heart out of hand marbled paper, and you can see the contents of it below.  Marge showcased her delightful lettering with the verse below.
 Here you see the inside of Pat's hand lettered card, and Joyce's tag -- hand lettered on paper that she designed herself.
 Here is the outside of Pat's card and the inside of Kathy's.
Barb's sparkly heart shaped card is next to another shot of Joyce's card.
 And this is the front and inside of mine -- lettering and "zentangle" decorated hears on the front and hand lettering with white ink on the inside.
 Whatever the date, I'm wishing you lots of love today!


  1. Wow, beautiful work done by everyone. Looks like it was a good and fun study group. Linda E.

  2. Great group! Lovely assortment - each one a gem!


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