Friday, May 23, 2014

A Rite of Spring

One of my favorite things to do in early spring is buy plants.  The Growing Place is a riot of spring color, texture and gardening inspiration, and today was the perfect day to go.  Here are a few images from my annual trip.I can't remember what these fiery ones are, but the burst of color makes me smile.
 Look at how the delicate purple color makes the yellow pop on this primrose.
Another dainty blossom enjoying the sunny day.
This iris is getting ready to pop.
 Wouldn't this be fun to have in a backyard garden?
 This miniature garden looks like fairies might actually come and visit at night!

 This tiny pollinator was enjoying himself.
 I had to laugh at this gentleman.  While his wife shopped, he found a cozy spot to read his paper.

 Here's another spot to relax, and these moms and kids are taking advantage.
 Finally, the front of our house BEFORE.  It looks green, but don't look too closely at all the weeds and overgrown bushes.  Hopefully I will post an "after" photo soon!

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