Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here's the garlic. Along with a great quote that I can't believe I found. My classmates loved it.

It was a couple of hours before class yesterday, and I had two drawings of the garlic, neither of which I really liked. So I texted a picture of each drawing to my youngest daughter, who is also very artistic. She texted me back and told me she liked the picture that you see to the left here, but she said, "add some dimension". So I found a nice color and began to add shading. I like it so much better now. Thanks, Karissa!

What a treasure an outside perspective can be. I think of friends in my life who have given me words of wisdom, and I am thankful as well.


  1. I'm taking this with me to MY art class tomorrow. I love the shading and the hint of color. I'm such a beginner ... and you inspire me! Thanks for talking about your process and giving me permission to be insane. That helps! T-Cousin

  2. Awwww, thanks 'cuz! You are really kind. I want to see some of your stuff too!


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