Thursday, November 12, 2009

My "Creative Ego" took a bit of a hit a couple of weeks ago. I was at a calligraphy workshop with some incredibly creative people, and the more I looked at what they were doing, the more feeble my attempts looked. I really let it get to me, and have had a hard time trying to be creative for quite a while.
It's not that I don't know that you never can compare yourself with anyone else -- you'll either be depressed or terribly prideful!

So I finally decided to pull myself together and tackle a couple of projects. The one on the left is colored pencil -- I was out walking and saw the beautiful colors on this leaf and had to try to draw it. (I took the picture the next day, and my "model" was a bit dried out by then).

The other project is a hand-painted stool for Don's work room (Man Cave). He stole a couple of my kitchen stools, so I decided to make him his own so I could have seating in the kitchen again.

I have two potential lessons here. One is to never take another workshop, but I really don't want to do that. So the obvious one is to stop comparing and just PLAY! I have a calligraphied quote in my workroom that says: "Play is the taproot from which original art springs" by Stephen Nachmanovitch. So from now on, I plan to play!


  1. Thanks for awesome stool, Babe! I used it last night while rehearsing for worship Sunday! You bless me.

  2. Hi Kate, I'm sending this via my husband's gmail account.

    I'm so glad you share your work (I mean PLAY) here! I love being able to see some of what you are working on! Don't give up. Keep creating "as unto the Lord" :-)


  3. Kate - I really like the leaf drawing a lot, and I especially like the day-old model. It reminded me of just how fleeting beauty is in this temporal world. And just a note on creativity: We never stop being creative ... it's just a matter of WHAT we are creating. Can't wait to see the Christmas Card! Lots of love to you ... thanks for all the inspiration. T.C.

  4. very cool stool Kate! wow... I said "cool stool"

  5. looked like a photo to me, so must be doin pretty good. If you love it keep doin it, just cause!


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