Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For several weeks, I've been having problems with Photoshop Elements on my computer, and corresponding with Adobe to try to work things out. While there are some things that still won't work, at least I am able to create again with it. Here's the result of my latest playtime: The second picture is a fun reminder of where my husband and I were a year ago. I took this picture on a little sunny terrace in Siena, Italy last March. I really want to go back again, but at least I had fun working with this picture!


  1. Hi Kate,

    Inspite of the problems, it looks like you're enjoying the photoshop. I especially like what you did with that first picture. Have you done anything with calligraphy and photoshop together or plan on it?


  2. Love your photoshop play....sure hope you can get it all working again!


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