Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Thursday night I attended a meeting of a local paper and book arts guild, where we each made a "fat book". Here are a couple of pictures of mine, completed but not embellished except for the beads on the spine. It's a very tiny book; the pages are made of 3"x5" index cards folded in half. There are 6 cards per signature, and 12 signatures in all. Each signature is stitched with waxed linen thread, then glued together. Narrow satin ribbon is woven through the spine. and beads are threaded onto the thread and tied with a basic overhand knot. Fun and easy!

I'm trying to decide what to use this tiny journal for. Maybe very small botanical drawings? Anyone have any ideas??? I'm open!


  1. Kate, that is such a beautiful book! ~ Violet

  2. Hi Kate! Thanks for your comments and what an adorable book!!! I have on my list of to dos...making some books....and this is an inspiration!!! I wouldn't have thought it was sooo small.... looking at looks large!....I have a friend who is a plant person and an "herb" grower in Antique Gardens here and she is always connecting plants with Biblical meaning or place in scripture....she has quite a large ministry in it, but doesn't do computers....anyway, we were discussing myrtle...which is lemony...?...anyway, I am intrigued that you are a lettering artist....tell us more about that....good to hear from you!


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