Friday, April 2, 2010

Garden Journal!

I have been very inspired by fellow bloggers who are making some really artistic journals (like Martha Lever -- she's amazing!) And my friend Luce recently blogged about a journal that she learned to make from Teesha Moore. (Teesha has the best tutorials on her web site. I followed one of them to produce this! You can find it on

This is going to be my record of my garden this year. I do not have a green thumb -- I can produce weeds, mint and daisies (I'm pretty sure mint and daisies ARE weeds). So this year I am going to try some new approaches, one of them being from the book, Starter Vegetable Gardens, 24 No-Fail Plans for Small Organic Gardens -- specifically the "easy care bag garden" from chapter one. I plan to document it all in this little journal, so if nothing grows, at least I'll have one beautiful reminder of a summer's worth of effort!

My first two pages are a record of inspiration that I have received from the Chicago Flower and Garden Show (the pictures are from there), and from some articles in the newspaper. I usually clip ideas and then forget about them until waaaay after summer's over and then I just pitch them. So now they are in one place, and I have a couple of weeks to pull my Master Plan together! Stay tuned . . .


  1. A WONDERFUL idea : )
    (the journal) and (the hat birthday party : )

    Happy Easter! ~ Violet

  2. Hi Kate,

    Nice job with your journal. I like your idea of recording what your experiences will be with your garden. I hope you will post some or all of them. I would love to read it. Happy Easter to you and your family. Linda E.


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