Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Trip to Oak Park

I was in Oak Park the other day and had a couple of hours of free time.  Oak Park has an arts district that has developed in the last few years.  (Harrison Street, just north of the Eisenhower off of Austin Avenue.)  It's hard to believe that, until 15 years ago, we lived only 1/2 block from this artistic playground!  Above is a close-up of an inset in a door in the neighborhood.

Below are a couple of pictures taken inside the Buzz Cafe -- a very fun and eclectic place to cool off on a hot day with a glass of iced tea!
They must have had a fun painting party when they decorated the chairs.  (And I love the way they levelled the table with a folded newspaper!)
Then I went into a thrift store, where they had a whole wall of color-specific shelves:
And I also hung out at the park and tried to get some fun shots:
It's a good thing I brought my camera with me.  It was a blast taking these pics!


  1. Hi Kate!
    Love the squirrel! Isn't this picture taking fun stuff?
    My sister just left us to head back to Lake Bluff....She will be back in your neck of the woods soon!
    Take care,

  2. Hi Kate, what a fun day you had! And the photo of that squirrel is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the give-away.
    ~ Violet

  3. What fun chairs and what a great thrift shop! And yes! Love that squirrel. Great pictures, Kate!


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