Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun find and new journal page

Today I drove out to visit my friend Amy who, along with her sister Cindy, owns a lovely "Green Boutique & Book Exchange" called Eclectique.  I've been wanting to see the shop for quite awhile, but it's in Plano, IL which is a bit of a drive for me.  But today the wanderlust hit, and I made the trek.  It was very worthwhile.  I've been in plenty of used book stores in my life, and none were quite as inviting as this one.  The books were tastefully displayed, and not shoved in everywhere.  There were lots of vintage items (such as the little bird pick I found) as well as homemade items by local craftswomen.  All in a lovely little shop with little places to perch and delightful things to peruse.  Just in case you're ever in Plano, it's at 300 East Main Street, open Tuesday through Saturday afternoons.
And here is my latest backyard journal page.  It seems everything is coming up in shades of yellow -- one of my favorite colors.  I had fun playing with a grid type page.  I think it was easier to be creative and add some interesting elements. 

Guess what?  I was in Hobby Lobby this afternoon and they were putting up their Christmas display!  NOOOOO!  I'm not ready!  Hope you are enjoying this season of growth and beauty!


  1. Hi Kate,

    thanks so much for stopping by. I love second-hand books, text, vintage texts and more. I was scouring some charity shops here in London yesterday to find a nice old hard-backed book to make a piece of art with and then I found one in the street!!! wow :)

    I am loving your work on the course and really hope you are enjoying it . . . .

    Have a great weekend making.


  2. That shop in Plano sounds so interesting! And I love your backyard journal page! Are your little squares done on watercolor paper? Beautiful!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I love knowing that someone is actually reading my blog. :) Amelia -- the class is so fun and stretching. And April, the squares are colored pencil sketches that I did on a page of my sketchbook that I gessoed over.


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