Monday, September 27, 2010

New Ventures

Last week I heard about a juried photography exhibition taking place in October.  Submissions were due today.  I've never taken part in a juried show before, and I wasn't going to enter at first.  There was a $20 entry fee for 2 pieces, and I wasn't confident enough to try.  But my family convinced me, so I dropped off my pieces tonight.  Below are the raw photos -- they look a little better framed and matted.  I'll find out by Friday if they have been accepted, and then next Thursday the show opens.  So that means I have 3 calligraphy pieces at the local library in an open show and these two potentially at another show.  Wow -- I feel like a real artist!

 I titled the above piece "Waiting".  While in Rome two years ago, we were staying in an apartment on the 5th floor.  This woman was on the 4th floor across the street, and I happened to catch her in a very pensive pose.  (There are NO window screens in Rome!  It makes for easier picture taking.)
This one is called "Summer's Over".  I had a chance to play with some Photoshop filters to get that effect.  I hope they make it into the show.


  1. Kate:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful!!! I especially like the "Waiting". The lighting is so dramatic and beautiful. Well done! Can't wait to hear if you got in!!!


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