Thursday, November 18, 2010

Depth of Field

A few weeks ago I was reading Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, which I had requested from the library.  It was one of the few books that, when I had to return it, I bought my own copy.  And began to read it again, marking it up with my own notes and observations.  Chapter 3 is called "Your Creative DNA", and Tharp talks about paying attention to the ways that we creatively see the world.  She mentions focal length, like that of a camera lens.  We can either focus best on the big picture -- landscapes and big, sweeping scenes, or small details. 

It didn't take much thought to realize that I like to zero in on the small details.  Like the photo above.  I'm taking an online class with Barb Phillips on how to do more than just point and shoot with my digital camera.  It's called Photo Basics Online Photography Course (click on it for more information).  I'm finally learning what all those settings on my camera mean, and what things like "aperature", "ISO" and "shutter speed" are all about.  And I got to play with depth of field, like in the picture above. 
I wonder if our creative DNA has anything to do with how we generally respond to life.  My husband likes to look at the big picture -- "Let's make a master plan, create a budget and plan accordingly."  I tend to focus on one part of the picture -- "Oh, look -- a sale on carpeting.  Let's redo the bedroom!"  Well, maybe I'm not that bad, but it's something to notice.

How about you?  Are you a "big picture" person, or do you like to hone in on the details? 


  1. I love your photo and the others too. That class sounds like something I NEED....thanks for the sweet comments too! Beautiful results from your class!!!

  2. I, too, have spent most of my life as a detail person. In fact, the "BIG PICTURE" can often put me into overwhelm mode, and then I simply can't do a thing. Since I've become a coach, I've learned to not obsess on the "How." When I see that my big picture is in alignment with my core values, I can also have faith that God will lead the way.


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