Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Walk with my Camera

It was so beautiful today that I just couldn't stay inside.  So I took my camera (and dog) and headed out to find beautiful things.  It wasn't hard.  These back-lit leaves really glow.  This pic is not manipulated in any way.
The milkweed was ready to fly.  When I was little, we would catch the little seeds and make wishes on them.

And dear Skyler had a wonderful time pouncing on critters and terrorizing the geese at the lake.  I missed a great picture of him bounding into the water and the geese scattering.  I guess I was too busy with the milkweed.
If you are in the Chicago area, I hope you are enjoying the weather this week.  We all know what is going to follow shortly!


  1. What georgeous pictures....and you are right we need to enjoy this weather now because the winter is coming....The mountains of NC have had one snow and we all know it's coming....but at least this week is's been georgeous.......

    Hugs and blessings

  2. Kate, I found you via my dear friend, Jan at A Church for Starving Artists. I, too, live in the western suburbs of Chicago. Hello, neighbor!

  3. I love those backlit leaves. BTW, I found you through a comment on Jennifer's blog.


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