Monday, December 27, 2010


I like Christmas.  A. Lot.  But I was pretty physically and emotionally exhausted by the time the 26th rolled around.  And that was the 4th Sunday of the month, which meant that I had "art team" at church.  Which is a very cool thing except that it involves getting up extra early to go to church, and you have to have some creative energy.  So the rest of the day I hardly moved from the couch, and I took a nap today as well. 

So today I actually felt like doing a little creative play that wasn't Christmas card or gift related.  I started by taking a picture of the sun setting through the bare trees out my front window:
I know it looks like the moon but it was quite shrouded by the clouds.  I decided to try to add a layer, and I remembered a picture I took earlier this winter -- a close up of some ice crystals on a river:

I added a dark frame, a little gaussian blur and played with the layer effects.  This is the version I like best:
It's fun to play.  And I love perusing all the blogs I follow -- so much creativity to inspire!  I'm so glad for the blog community and the sharing that goes on!  Here's to more play in 2011!

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  1. Lovely play! I'm with you - love the spirit and holiday doings a lot, but wow! It's time to breath!


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