Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yummy Treats

There's my latest creation -- in the pan and ready to be chilled, sliced and served.  But not for my family -- for the birds outside my window!  I found out that our little feathered visitors are extra hungry in the wintertime, so my latest hobby is making "bird dough".  This one has shortening, peanut butter, corn meal, chopped peanuts and assorted dried fruits.  And a nice layer of bird seed on top.

No wonder my husband refused to eat one of his favorite Christmas treats while it was cooling in the pan:  almond bark with pistachios and cranberries (see below after it has cooled and been broken up).  He was afraid it, too, was for the birds.  I guess I see how he could be fooled!
And below is a little junco visiting one of our feeders during a snow storm.

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