Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signs of Spring!

It's been so nice to walk the dog around the neighborhood and see all the little green shoots coming up.  The willow trees look like someone took a light green highlighter to their hanging vines -- soon they will be filled with leaves.  And there is a whole tree-full of Cedar Waxwings that I see almost every day gorging themselves on berries.  I really want to get pics of them, but they are kind of shy, especially around me and my hyper dog!

Today was the day Don and I went to the Chicago Flower and Garden Show.  Now that is always a wonderful sign that spring is here.  Here's some pics from our fun day:

Tulips -- and they were as fragrant as they were beautiful.

This is called a Lenten Rose.  It's just stunning!

They had fauna as well as flora.  Last year I held her -- and I was scared to death.  This year it was fun.  I even surprised myself.  She's the same one I held last year, so I guess now we're BFF!

They had a display of unique hats created by a fiber arts group.  Don decided he liked this led powered one.  It changed color!

Although it was rainy and rather cold outside, we were able to forget the dreary day and enjoy the beauty around us.  But I can't wait until I can get some pictures of the flowers coming up in my yard.

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