Monday, May 16, 2011

24-7 Prayer Space

Last week at our church, we set up a prayer space for 43 straight hours, where people could come and interact with God.  Here's some images (some Photoshopped for effect) from the space.

As we entered the room, we were invited to take a piece of brown paper and write down all the burdens, worries, etc. that we were carrying and scrunch it into a ball.  A large burlap cross was stretched the length of the room, and as we walked, we were able to open our hands and drop our "burdens" on the cross.  As you can see, the floor is strewn with these papers.  On the front wall is our "graffiti wall of worship".
 At the end of the "cross walk" was a baptism bowl.
 One of the interactive spaces was the Anchor Cross of Hope (which I believe appeared in another post when I wrote about our Lenten interactive prayer times)
 We lit candles and left cards indicating our prayers burning to heaven.
The whole experience was very meaningful to many of all ages and at all hours of the day and night.  Next year maybe we'll do it again.

Gloria Deo.

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