Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Costa Rica Bird Sightings

I officially catalogued all the birds that I saw in Costa Rica, and I officially saw 17 new birds that I had never seen before, including 5 new varieties of hummingbirds.  Thanks to my friend Judy, who loaned me her Costa Rica bird book.  Here's my official list:
And here are some of my favorite birds:  Red lored Parrots made quite a racket every morning.
I think this is a Crested Guan
 This Toucan was in captivity, so it doesn't actually count.  But we heard them in the wild!
 And the hummers were wonderful!

The good news on the home front is that I've heard the cardinals start singing their spring mating song today!  All we need is for the ground to thaw, the snow to melt, and a few flowers to start blooming!


  1. how magical to see a toucan - I've only ever seen pictures of them

    1. Thanks, Helena! It was a great experience.


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