Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring . . . finally!!!

We've had TWO DAYS in a row of mild weather!  There are only a few stubborn piles of dirty snow left in parking lots and along the streets.  Today I made use of the day to take my camera to the Arboretum.  There were only a few tiny flowers popping up, but I enjoyed feeling, hearing, seeing and smelling spring!  Here's some of my photos:  These yellow ones are always the first ones I see each spring.  I'm not sure what they are, but they are a cheery pop of color, and very welcome indeed!

 This is a tiny, tiny grape hyacinth just emerging from the ground.
 Love the red bark on this, and the tiny bud.
 Textures abounded!
 A fuzzy bud!
 This was a close-up of tree bark.
 Just playing with DOF, shape and texture.
 Last year's leaves are floating in the open water -- but a lot of the lake was still frozen.
 I love the look of these trees against the sky.
I really hope spring has arrived in your part of the world!

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