Monday, April 7, 2014

Love This Book!!

My twin* cousin published her first book!  It is an interactive journey into self-discovery with a focus on what makes you more joyful.  I only just began to journal in it, but I'm already loving it. Here's the front cover.  She did the tree on the front, and then gave us a skeleton version of it inside so we could decorate it any way we wanted.
 Here's my tree.  I decided to decorate it with qualities that I want to encourage in myself during this creative journey.  Plus I added a few whimsical heart-shaped leaves.
Barbie is basing her book on a journal that she has kept for some time.  It has a small format, and she included a few pages from it just to whet our creative juices.
 Here's a few of the pages I have done.  I'm not sure what's more fun -- thinking of the answers to the prompts or decorating the pages.

This page is my attempt to imitate one of my favorite bloggers -- Alisa Burke.  It was a fun prompt because there are certain things that I'm really glad I've learned!

 Again, fun to remember the movies (and a play) that I remember being impactful.
 This prompt was "Activities I've Done only once".  It was hard at first to come up with a list, but once I started thinking of things, I was on a roll.  I didn't even add "going to Disneyland", "Being Mother-of-the-bride" and a few others.
I'm looking forward to each new page.  There's a BUNCH of them -- it will take awhile to get through.  I'm doing it by randomly opening and working on the page I find.  You can learn more about Barbie's book here.  I highly recommend it!

*You haven't heard of a twin cousin??  Waaay back when we were kids, we used to watch the Patty Duke show, and Patty and Cathy insisted that they were twin cousins.  Since both Barbie and I were growing up as only children and both of us wanted siblings, we became twin cousins.

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  1. This book looks amazing! I am going to have to put it on my wishlist immediately. I blogged about a book that a friend wrote today as well...must be the publishing time of year. Next year maybe we'll be sharing our new books! Kim Sullivan


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