Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

It's hard to believe a week ago I was scraping snow from my car!  Going to the Arboretum today was the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.  And I wasn't disappointed with the glorious sights!
The Lenten Roses were in full bloom.
 I love all the perfect little layers of this bud.
Even last year's hydrangea blossoms had a magical look to them.
 The crab apple blossoms were stunning.

 The robins are finally able to find food consistently, now that the final dregs of winter are past.
 The Trillium are one of my spring favorites.
 This little bee surprised me by flying out from the flower just as I took the picture.
 New life was everywhere.
 I was leaving the Arboretum and decided to take the long way out.  I was fortunate to spot this guy having lunch.  A good Earth Day for him -- not so much for the snake.
 He dropped the snake from the tree branch while I was watching.  I quietly sat down, hoping he would be more interested in his lunch than in letting my presence scare him off.
 He started flying away, and I snapped this photo, not really knowing if I was aimed in the right direction, in focus or not.  I was thrilled to get home and see what I had captured!
Happy Earth Day to you.  I hope you are enjoying spring wherever you live!

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