Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Ramblings

Spring is my favorite season, and the one reason I haven't packed everything up and moved somewhere that is sunny all year long.  (Except for the fact that I would dearly miss my husband, who would undoubtedly stay here!)

Spring is life and growth and newness and walking outside each day to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the surprise of tiny green shoots appearing.

Except for Monday.  Monday was everything I dislike about Chicago in the spring rolled into one day.  But then I looked out my window and saw some friends who were even more miserable than I was:

 Fortunately, they moved to the front yard, where I had just filled the bird feeder.  Hopefully a nice breakfast helped to warm them up!

I have also been working on a calligraphy commission for a friend.  Her friend has just come through a tough round of breast cancer treatments.  Fortunately, the treatments were successful and her friend is doing well!  These are some thank you notes that I did for her.  I scanned the lettering and copied it on various shades of pink paper, then embellished them.  I'm hoping she will enjoy sending them out to all the friends who helped her during the past few months.

The next time I post, my goal is to have photos of spring!!!  Hurry up, spring!

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  1. Hi Kate. We were hit with that Spring snow also here in NY, and my bird friends were sitting around waiting/looking for their food too. Your thankyou cards are lovely.....Linda E.


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