Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Ramblings

Spring is my favorite season, and the one reason I haven't packed everything up and moved somewhere that is sunny all year long.  (Except for the fact that I would dearly miss my husband, who would undoubtedly stay here!)

Spring is life and growth and newness and walking outside each day to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the surprise of tiny green shoots appearing.

Except for Monday.  Monday was everything I dislike about Chicago in the spring rolled into one day.  But then I looked out my window and saw some friends who were even more miserable than I was:

 Fortunately, they moved to the front yard, where I had just filled the bird feeder.  Hopefully a nice breakfast helped to warm them up!

I have also been working on a calligraphy commission for a friend.  Her friend has just come through a tough round of breast cancer treatments.  Fortunately, the treatments were successful and her friend is doing well!  These are some thank you notes that I did for her.  I scanned the lettering and copied it on various shades of pink paper, then embellished them.  I'm hoping she will enjoy sending them out to all the friends who helped her during the past few months.

The next time I post, my goal is to have photos of spring!!!  Hurry up, spring!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

by Jan Richardson

May you set out on the road

 that begins in your heart,
your soul.

May the path
that starts as a dream

become real beneath your feet.

May you walk
in the way of blessing

and stand in the spaces

where earth and heaven meet.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lions and Pandas and More . . . oh my!

While we were in California, we had the opportunity to go to the San Diego Zoo.  Neither of us had ever been there before, and we were not disappointed  They have a SkyTram ride which soars over the Zoo, from one end to the other.  We started with that, and then leisurely strolled back past the animals.
 I don't remember what kind of a bird the above one was, but the one in flight is a California Condor.
 Definitely the king of the beasts.  I was very glad to have a telephoto lens on my camera, as I wouldn't want to get close to this guy.

 This giraffe is pretty cool looking in a distinguished way, as opposed to the flamingo, who looks like he just sat on a pine cone.  The giraffes were quite active, and we watched one carefully sit down on the ground.  It was not an easy process -- I guess it's pretty hard to be that tall.
 We were thrilled to see that pandas, especially since the docent said they usually sleep about 16 hours a day,  It was lunch time, and Mama and Baby were both busy chowing down on the bamboo!  This is Mama.  Her back was toward us most of the time.
 Baby was not camera shy at all.  He even seemed to be grinning at us.

We've been back for a week now, and I'm finally feeling better after my bout with bronchitis.  Stay well, and here's to spring arriving soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Beach!

My youngest daughter and I just returned from a wonderful escape from the land of ice and snow to sunny southern California.   It was a much needed, healing week for both of us, and here are some of my favorite pics of the Oceanside Beach.
 This was the view from our balcony our first night, and we could not believe the gorgeous colors of the clouds.
 Torrey Pines State Park -- one of the best places to hike and enjoy the sunshine sparkling on the water.
 Such a wonderful surprise to see this lovely rainbow greet me one morning.
 Sunsets at the Pier are magical.
 Love the birds . . .
 And the colors . . .
 Sharing it with my daughter . . .
And our final night eating fish and chips at the harbor while enjoying this beautiful show!

Now we have been back in Chicago for three days and I have been sick in bed with bronchitis.  At least I have these memories and images to remind me of our trip!