Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Mosaics

I said I would post some of the other projects from the class I took over the week-end and here they are.  Most of the participants made benches, and two of us did birdbaths.

This is Ginny's birdbath.  I love the red and white motif!  She used three identical plates for all her pieces. and a few flat marbles for the center.
 We had one man in our class.  He decided on a farm motif.  I think it's very whimsical.
 His wife was working very precisely and therefore had to take her piece home to finish it.
 Twin sisters who had done this before brought some of their own hand-made garden themed pottery pieces and added them to their benches.  One is grouted and one is not (and one is upside down!)
 This bench in shades of blues and greens will be an inviting place to sit in a garden.
 Here's one final shot of my birdbath.  It's sitting in my living room because I have to let the grout cure, then seal it before I can put it in the yard.  Sorry, birdies, you'll have to make do with the plastic one that's out there now!

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