Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Gig

When you love to incorporate art into everything in your life, it can be quite an adventure.  I work in the office of a gymnastics club for kids, taking registrations, answering questions, printing out rosters, etc.  It's a great job.  Last week I took on some new responsibilities, and that's how I ended up in front of the gym on a stepladder with containers of brightly colored acrylic paint.

I still have a lot of window space to go, but it's getting noticed.  In fact, someone drove by and stopped in to see if I could do the windows for his restaurant.  It's not exactly the kind of calligraphy I was thinking I'd be doing, but I'm having a great time.  So if you're in the western suburbs of Chicago, on Rolwing Road north of North Avenue, look for my signs!  (Or if you know someone looking for a great place to learn gymnastics, this is it!)

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