Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing in the Studio

The weather has suddenly turned into summer and I am thrilled!  Although I had decided I wasn't going to plant anything this year, I couldn't resist getting some plants to brighten the yard and hopefully attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  The past few days I have been happily playing in the dirt and I'm glad I did.  Flowers are rewarding for me -- vegetables are just frustrating.  :-)

Here's a pic I took -- a macro of a cheddar pink blossom.  They are wonderful flowers that come back year after year.  Each tiny blossom has two lacy "ribbons" curling upward from its delicate petals.  I added one of Kim Klassen's textures (May Magic 2) and used the screen blending mode.  I also experimented with the "add noise" filter and then removed some of it from the blossom so the background looked a little more textured.
Yesterday I set aside my neverending list and headed for the studio to do some calligraphy.  I promised my older daughter that I would create something for her a long time ago, and yesterday was the day.  I think she and her boyfriend will like it.  They are coming over tonight and I'll give it to them.
I did the large letters with a pointed brush and the smaller ones around the edge with a pointed pen.  Then added 3 prismacolors that she had picked out several weeks ago.  I think they'll like it!

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  1. Love the editing you did with your photo and texture!

    A caring gift for Robyn and Jimmy. There is so much we can make ourselves when we use our talents ... and it carries so much more meaning for the recipients.


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