Friday, February 24, 2012


After a mostly mild winter, we received one of those beautiful early spring snows that sticks to everything and makes the trees look amazing.  I wanted to go to the arboretum to take a few pics, but since this is one of my rare days to stay home, I opted to take a few pics in the yard.  Hope you enjoy!

First is the original macro shot of a lilac bud covered by the snow.  I like the simplicity of it.
Of course I wanted to play with it in Photoshop, so I cropped it, added a layer mask and played with the colors and contrast.                             
 Then I decided to really play and make it as "painterly" as possible.  While you can't see the blanket of snow, I still like the effect.
 And of course, hope does spring eternal, since I see the snow melting already as I look out the window!

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