Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite Books

Last week's assignment for Beyond Layers was to take a photo featuring a favorite book.  It took me awhile to a) figure out what book(s) to feature and b) get my act together enough to do a little photo shoot.  But today was lovely outside, so I decided to go for it, and here's my picture:
I enjoy reading on our back patio, so I shot the picture there.  And I couldn't decide on just one book, so there are four there.  These are all books I've read at least twice, and each time they feed my soul.  Macrina Wiedekehr and Henri Nouwen are both such great inspirational writers.  And the other one is a small book about St. Francis that I read on a retreat a few years ago.  It gives a wonderful glimpse into what Francis's bold faith and simple trust in God was all about.

Now I want to go and check out what all my fellow "Beyonders" have chosen as their favorite books!

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