Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Love

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was having a hard time waiting for something to resolve.  I'm happy to say that it has resolved in a very good way, although I can't share about it right now.  I did, however, find a way to put all that angst to work.  We have an 8 foot by 8 foot raised garden bed in the back yard.  Last year we didn't do anything in it, and the weeds took over.  So Thursday was "tackle the weeds" day!  And tackle I did!  Here's the before and the after (about 3 hours later):

Getting down and dirty is a great way to release anxiety and to pour out complaints to God.  Which I did!
Then my son brought his pickup truck over and we went out and bought some peat moss and pavers.  Yesterday I dug the peat moss into the soil, added a couple of rows of pavers and planted a few tomato plants:
The weird aqua colored things are "walls of water".  They act as mini greenhouses to help protect the young plants from the cool evening temps.  The plant that I kept in the garden is rhubarb!  It has taken 3 years for it to get this large, and I actually harvested some to make jam earlier this week!

I'm sure the weed are busily pushing up through that pristine soil and plotting how to take over.  But for today, I'm going to rest!  Happy Saturday!

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  1. Great work! I bet your muscles let you know they are alive and well! I don't think I could have moved for three days after that job :)


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