Thursday, July 26, 2012

County Fair!

I must confess that, although I grew up in a small farming town, I didn't appreciate it.  Living in a town with only one movie theater and no shopping malls was boring!  So I attended college in the Chicago area and stayed.  Now I love all things country related -- locally grown produce and locally raised meat, fresh air . . . (oh no -- I'm starting to hum the theme song from Green Acres!)

Anyway, this afternoon I had a chance to go to the local county fair, and it was wonderful!  Here's a few images from our time:  We watched pig races,
 learned how farm kids did chores a few years ago,
 got the evil eye from a watchful cow,
 hung out in a butterfly garden
 and rode the rides!
It was a wonderful taste of the country for these city folks!

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