Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morning Walk

In our Beyond Layers class, Kim invited us to share some photos of our surrounding area -- scenes of things we are thankful for.  So this morning I leashed up Skyler and took advantage of an overcast sky to enjoy one of my favorite walks.  Here's a few photos to allow you to come along with me.  I played with these first three in Photoshop.  I love all the wildflowers that I see on my walks.
 This is Lake Carlton, the larger of two lakes in our community.
 Lake Herriot is smaller and has gotten a bit swampy with the hot weather and lack of rain.  But it's still pretty with the bridges and trees.
Another loop of my walking path.  These lights are very quaint looking, but they are so bright that all the neighbors have complained that they can't sleep at night.
 I took this picture because it looks very out of context -- almost like it should be September and not July.  A product of this hot, dry summer.  Poor trees.
 I love the look of laundry hanging on the line!  So old-fashioned looking, but very green nowadays.  I wish I had a couple of trees or posts in my yard so I could hang laundry.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my area.  I'm looking forward to seeing where some of my Beyond Layers classmates call home as well!


  1. What wonderful images of your neighborhood and surrounding area :) Looks like a sweet place to live!

  2. Great composition in your photographs, all are a delight.

  3. thank you for a tour of your town...beautful

  4. Great images I love to see where people live.

  5. Beautiful shots. Love the shot of the lake especially. So lovely to see a little snapshot of where people live. :)

  6. these are lovely shots, Kate. I'm so incredibly behind in Beyond Layers! I read the posts when they come in, but as far as actually carrying out the assignments? total failure! :-) hopefully, i'm absorbed some things by proxy!


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