Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photoshop Play

For my birthday in October, I received the latest version of the photo editing software called Photoshop. For over two months I have been checking Photoshop books out of the library, experimenting, and getting more and more frustrated!

Then a good friend told me about an online class taught by a wonderfully creative person, and I signed right up. The class began yesterday, and I had some extended play time today. This is my first successful "photoshopped" picture, and I feel like a kid who got an "A" in kindergarten.
Maybe I'll print it out and hang a copy on the fridge!


  1. Great picture Kate. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun and learn alot from this class. It seems that almost everyone is into Photo Shop these days except me. lol. Maybe someday. There are so many wonderful creative things to enjoy it's sometimes hard to narrow down. By the way, thanks for your posts on my blog. Linda E. P.S. My birthday is in October also.

  2. Hi Kate,
    How are you doing so far with Photoshop? There is a pretty steep learning curve but one you learn it you will have so much fun. I use mainly watercolor for the backgrounds for my journal pages. Sometimes I use acrylic but mostly watercolor washes and then I add some stamps and lettering.

    :) Martha

  3. Kate, I think you should hang your photo on your fridge! It turned out beautiful. I hope to practice some with PS this weekend. I'm mostly frustrated right now, and sometimes I wonder "who are these people that completely understand Photoshop?" Sometimes my brain feels more like a rock, than a sponge! Ha. Rebecca

  4. You deserve an A+...this is a great photo manipulation. I'm loving DJ's class, even if my faltering efforts are frustrating.

  5. Kate: I just discovered that you have a blog! And your photos are beautiful! I'll be coming back. :-)



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