Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Garden News

I had to take a picture of my "Cheddar Pink" dianthus blossoms.  I sketched them in my journal last night, but forgot to take a picture of my sketch.  Can you see the two little curled parts (stamen??).  These are just the most delicate beautiful little blossoms.  Since I've been nature journaling about the plants and animals in my yard, I've seen things that I've missed for years.  Sitting in my yard with my journal can be a worship experience when I stop to realize how incredible God's handiwork is!
And the big news in the backyard is that the baby robins have hatched!  I got so excited when I heard them, that I tried standing in my chair to get a good picture of them.  But mamma (pictured above) had a few choice words for me!  And her babies must have gotten the message 'cuz they hunkered down in the nest, and I didn't get a picture.

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