Monday, February 7, 2011

I've been away

Last week I was blessed to be able to get away from the dreary Chicago winter and spend a week in a condo on the beach in southern California.  I can't even express how soul enriching it was to experience the warm sun and beauty of the ocean every day.  And I even missed the Great Chicago Blizzard of 2011.  (Although I am living with the effects of it every day now that I'm home.) 

Here's a few images to share with my winter weary friends:

Special thanks to my "twin" cousin for suggesting the trip and my family back home for holding down the fort while I was gone.


  1. Thank you for bring us some sunshine and warmth even if it's in pictures....such gorgeous shots.......

    So glad you had a good time away......

  2. It was so wonderful to spend the time together! And your enthusiasm with your camera has inspired me to be more proactive with photography. I took a step up and bought a Nikon! Hope I can learn to take pictures as beautiful as yours.


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