Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

Continuing in The Artist's Way Every Day, I came upon this for March 9th:

Art is not linear.  Neither is the artist's life, but we forget that.  We try to "plan" our life and "plan" our career -- as if we could.  We also try to plan our growth.  This means transformation catches us by surprise. . . experience teaches that life, and especially life in the arts, is as much about mystery as it is about mastery. . . "Something" is telling us to make art.  We must trust that something.

This picture reminds me of this.  Yes, I took it because of the cute little squirrel.  But the path below is one that we followed all over the cliff.  And it was so much better for all its twists and turns and surprising vistas.  Linear is nice and predictable, but don't we love the breathtaking "aha" of sudden inspiration?

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