Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy (Day After) Easter!

Yesterday was a very jubilant Easter celebration at our church (Sanctuary 1010).  If you take a look at my latest post you will see a couple of pictures showing a bunch of boxes wrapped in brown paper.  Here's what they looked like in the back of our worship space:
There were 75 small boxes, and each person was supposed to take one upon entering.  Since we had 60 people at last year's Easter service, we thought 75 would be sufficient.  WRONG!  We ended up with 110 people at our church.  We meet in a movie theater that holds 120 at top capacity -- literally standing room only!  Very exciting.  And people did share their boxes so I think every family had at least one.

After some rousing resurrection music by the worship band (did I mention that my husband was the leader yesterday?!), the pastor talked about how the outside of the package doesn't always indicate what is on the inside.  For example, Jesus walked on earth and, for the most part, looked very ordinary.  But on Easter his resurrected life was revealed.  New life burst forth from out of the old package.  To help illustrate that, we had Easter Lilies placed in boxes and looking like they had bloomed and burst through the packaging:
During our face2face time with God, each person was invited to open his/her box.  Inside was the final cross in our lenten collection -- the glory cross, representing the power of Christ living in each of us, but hidden in our ordinary packaging. 

This is what the front of the worship space looked like:
It was great to have so many join us for such a celebratory morning. 

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