Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lenten Prayer -- part 2

Yesterday I told you about the crosses of Lent that we are doing at our church.  Today I want to mention two more that we used in our Sunday morning services and then prayed with at our church's prayer gathering last week.

The Maltese Cross:
We briefly learned some of the history of this cross.  What I remember is that it was found on the Island of Malta (hence the name!) and used by the Order of St. John.  The eight points represented the 8 beatitudes, which we have lettered on the sections of the cross.  We interacted with this cross on Sunday by writing the names of those individuals that seemed to exemplify those "beatitude traits" to us.  Then we prayed over it by thanking God for their lives and asking that we also learn to live those traits in our lives.

The Mission Cross:
I don't have a good picture of the cross before we interacted with it, but it is four "crosslets" which are joined at a 90 degree angle at their bases.  They each point in a different direction, hence the name "Mission Cross".  When we interacted with this cross, we cut pictures of people out of magazines who represented individuals that we wanted to share God's love with.  At the end, we put the silhouette of Christ over top, that we might all be joined together as his body.  During our prayer time, we prayed for the ability to show God's love to all the people represented.

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