Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lenten Prayer

Our church has been doing a Sunday morning series on "The Crosses of Lent", highlighting a different historical cross each week and the meaning behind it.  Each week has been rich with meaning.  Then this past Tuesday night, we gathered for prayer around the various crosses.  We used 4 of them and set each one on a different table with candlelight.  Then, as a (small) group, we moved from table to table and prayed using the theme of each cross as inspiration.  I didn't get pics on Tuesday, but I was able to come in on Wednesday morning (when there was a bit more light) and take pictures of the prayer stations.  Maybe I'll just do 2 today and 2 next time.

Station 1:  The Anchor Cross -- The cross of hope

 We used an actual anchor in our church service and at our prayer gathering.  During our Sunday morning time, we talked about how our faith can serve as an anchor when we are drifting, expriencing storms, or just need to rest.  Each of us was given a card with the image of the anchor cross stamped on it.  We were to identify something (a Bible verse, a truth) that we can cling to that anchors us in times of need, and write it on the card.  Then we were invited to tie the card to the main anchor with twine.  It was a powerful way to remember the source of our hope.

At this table during our prayer time, we read aloud some of the "anchor phrases" that were written on the cards, and then wrote the names of people we were praying for that could receive hope from that specific verse or phrase.  One very poignant message on a card was written (and signed) by a preschooler who neatly printed, "GOD MADE THE STARS".  We wrote several names on that card -- people who needed to remember what a mighty God is able to do for them.

I'll share more next time.  I'm pretty excited about tomorrow's theme at church.  It's the Celtic Cross, and I bought 18 yards of burlap in preparation for tomorrow's service.  I'd better bring my camera!

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