Friday, January 13, 2012

A couple more calendars and more

I forgot about an important calendar that I have hanging in my studio.  Each year our calligraphy group produces a calendar -- each of us creates one month, and someone does the cover and credits page, and then we collate them into cases the size of cd cases.  They make great gifts and lots of people buy them.  This is the January page for this year, made by Bessie.
And at our annual calligraphy group holiday party last week-end, we also got this wonderful calendar done by Tim Botts, who is also a member of our group, a gifted instructor and fantastic calligrapher.
And finally, my friend Karen made this lovely piece which was hung on our Arboretum tree and then auctioned off at our party.  I was so happy to be the lucky highest bidder!
It's humbling and challenging to be surrounded by so many creative people.

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  1. You are calendared out :) Lucky you :) And, wow, Tim Botts! Such a talent. I'm enjoying the calendar you sent. Love how you have yours displayed.


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