Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Word for the year

My word for the year is . . .
As I was musing on the word, I decided to create a daily reminder for myself.  It hangs above my workspace in my studio along with another important image that I will share about at a later time.
Like many women/wives/moms, I am a giver, and it's easy to get depleted and burned out.  So this year I feel a nudge to allow God to nurture me.  Not to be selfish, but to replenish the source.  For example, I was able to get together with some wonderful calligrapher friends today.  We were working on a project, but had a great time together, and two of us had lunch afterward.  Nothing earth-shattering, but very nurturing for me (and I hope for the other women as well.)

What is your word/theme for the year?  It's always fascinating to hear from friends in bloggerland!

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  1. Ah... I'm glad to have found another person doing 'a word for the year' for 2012. I started 3 years ago when I found Christine Kane's blog. So far, I've had 'Bloom' in 2009, 'Clarity' in 2010, and a phrase 'Color my world' in 2011. In each case I found it very interesting to focus on a word/phrase during the year. I would play with the word/phrase throughout the year and see how it could apply in different situations and what I could learn from it.

    If you are wondering what my word is for 2012, its 'Sparkle'. The word just stuck in my head these last few weeks. I guess it is my time to do more for myself since we are new empty nesters with our youngest now away at college.

    Anyway... best wishes with your word of 'Nurture' for 2012. I'll be interested to hear how it goes....


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