Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Birds!

I guess I musst have birds on the mind, because most of my projects lately have featured them.  I'm taking an online class on Experimental Art (see button at the right).  It's a lot of fun, and the projects are intended to help us open up to be more creative and playful in our art.  Above is a project where we were to play with tracing images.  Since I've been (unsuccessfully) trying to draw birds in my backyard journal, I thought it would be fun to trace some birds just to get to know the basic shapes.  Then I transferred the images onto some old road maps, cut them out and collaged them.
This second piece started out with me just playing in my sketch book -- looking through books with pictures of birds and trying to draw them.  Then I added some collaged images from magazines, colored in and collaged the birds, and added some acrylic paint.  I think it would be fun to cut these out and use them in another piece, but for now I just want to enjoy this page.

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