Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prairie Smoke

At the Arboretum again, and the Prairie Smoke was in full bloom -- these lovely, wispy, cotton-candy-like tendrils softening the landscape.  I have some that I put in my back-yard garden, but it's not blooming like that.  Maybe next year, if I take very good care of it.

And this little guy was nearby -- he could fly, but the way he was squawking, he was obviously waiting for mom to come and take care of him.  I'm enjoying the birds so much, I've signed up for two bird-watching walks in the next two days.  I bought some binoculars, and I hope it's not pouring rain on either day. 


  1. Hi Kate,

    I love birds too but never went on a walk. Please blog about it, I'm considering the idea too.

    Linda E.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful flower, I have never seen this before, and I love the digital art you created with it :)


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