Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Studio (and my "room-mates")

I know that several bloggers took people on tours of their studios over the week-end, and I need to find a link to tour some more for inspiration.  Because this is my studio right now.  You can see I've been playing with paint samples on the wall.  It was my son's room until he moved out two years ago.  Unfortunately, he still has a few things in the room:

Those are snake cages.  There's a "2-flat" for the two bigger boa constrictors on the right, and then a bunch of "condos" for the pythons on the left.  I've been sharing my studio with them for the past year while my son does some renovation on his house prior to moving them.

But I'm tired of sharing my space and I'm ready to evict them!  Paint and plaster dust notwithstanding, he needs to take them with him!  Especially now that I'm all inspired by seeing those great studios.  Don't worry, they are harmless and they never escape.  He comes and feeds them and cleans the cages.  But I already put most of my supplies in storage boxes (and back to the dining room table for my workspace - ugh!).  If you know anyone who loves snakes, I'll sell 'em -- cheap!


  1. You poor thing - snakes I am sorry to say have never held any interest whatsoever!!!!! I just had a garter snake get into my house a few weeks ago and I had to chase it all around for the better part of 15 minutes before I caught it, with my best oven mitt mind you and took it back outside while talking very sternly to it! Haven't seen it back inside but my cat is unusually leary of going around corners as well as unusually jumpy so I wonder... I hope you get your studio back soon! I would love to have you stop by my studio and if you scroll down a bit you find my snake story, which should give you a giggle.
    All my best,

  2. Oh Kate! You are a brave woman. You wouldn't find me sharing a room with snakes even if they didn't escape. No thank you. lol. How wonderful it is to have your own studio. I know you'll be happy when the snakes are gone and you can finally move in and create in there. Hope it happens for you soon. Someday I hope to have a studio of my very own too. Linda E.


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