Sunday, April 15, 2012

34 Years and Counting

Happy Anniversary to us!  We had a wonderful week-end celebrating (once we got our income taxes done).  Last night we went to dinner and then out to a movie (Blue Like Jazz -- really thought provoking -- well worth watching) with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend.  After the movie, someone was doing a professional-looking fireworks show at the side of the theater parking lot.  And I LOVE fireworks!  (It must have been in honor of our special day.) :-D  The best part is, the fireworks kept setting off several car alarms on the nearby cars.  It was all pretty exciting.

Then we got home and our older daughter and her boyfriend had dropped off the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely card for us.  I took some pics of just a couple of the blossoms.  (And if anyone can tell me what the coral colored flowers are, I'd would love it.  They are so beautiful!)

I hope your taxes are done (for those in America) and that you are looking forward to a splendid week!


  1. Happy Anniversary Guys! So that means it's been 32 years since I've seen y'all! Wow! I was delighted to hear you had a great weekend.I wondered why you (pl) were on my heart so much this week. Hugs all around, Lynnie

    1. Thanks, Lynnie! It's about time for another visit! Too bad you left Sandy Aygo!

  2. Hi Kate, thank you for visiting, I hope to be around a lot more now. Happy Anniversary to you both, we are going on 32 years in June, it's a nice feeling isn't it?
    I am loving your beautiful floral photographs :)

  3. Congratulations! 34 is quite awesome. Looks like April is a popular month - we celebrated our own #33 on April 7th. So ... you're 1 year ahead of us. Keep on celebrating too! P.S. Gorgeous flowers!


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